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As we are in the early 21st century, EDEYA believes it is necessary to intensify efforts to ensure a sustainable water policy and meet the water and sanitation business to consumer expectations .

According to the previous statement, EDEYA considers that the provision of services in the field of water - sewer must meet the following criteria:

  • Protect public health
  • Respect the environment
  • Support and contribute to economic development
  • Ensure social acceptance

In recent years, the water sector is an area of vital importance. Due to problems encountered , attracted the interest of both governments and local communities , as it directly related to the quality of life.
The requirement for clean environment requires monitoring the quality of water that is in pursuit of water resources management in order to adequately protect water resources for beneficial use and recreation by current and future generations.

To highlight the numerous and increasing pressure on water resources, is worth mentioning that 20% of all surface waters in the EU seriously threatened by pollution, while 60% of European cities overconsume the resources of their groundwater.

To face the problems of water resources management , the EU has introduced important legislative tools such as Directive - Framework 2000/60 on a common water policy at EU , ( rivers, lakes, coastal waters and groundwater ) . The Directive 2000/60 , the implementation of which will be completed in 2015, gives priority to drinking water,establishes the principle "polluter pays " and encourages all citizens to participate in the protection and management of water . H Directive 2000/60 was transposed in the Law 3199/2003.

The aim of the new institutional framework is rationalization the water policy , adaptation of the principle of sustainable development and harmonization with other relevant policies to protect the environment and enhancement of life's quality of the citizens of our country.

It is now generally recognized that the protection of the aquatic environment can only be achieved with the integration of policies and actions that can contribute to improving water quality .

DEYA, and generally the drainage water companies of our country, have an important responsibility, both in terms of protection and rational management of water resources and the protection of public health and environmental protection.


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